Written by Dionte' Johnson Illustrated by FolksnFables

Differences are what make us special. In a world where we traditionally see a lot of 'the same', this catchy tale highlights a handful of the many physical attributes that make us unique from one another. 

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A book about differences.

“I’m Just Me” chronicles one boy’s journey as he encounters young people from diverse backgrounds. With each page, we follow Yabi meeting a new character, each possessing a unique physical feature different from his own. Through these encounters, Yabi gains perspective, realizing that the world is much larger and more diverse than he ever imagined. This story highlights a universal truth: everyone on this planet shares the common bond of being different.

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Resources for Educators and Parents

To support educators in reinforcing the message of diversity in the book "I'm Just Me," we have created a comprehensive lesson plan suitable for Kindergarten and First Grade. This downloadable classroom guide emphasizes Social-Emotional Learning through ELA extension activities. The objectives are clear: students will learn that everyone has unique differences, understand that friends and family can have physical differences yet still relate to one another, and collaboratively create a classroom book showcasing varied characteristics. Under the teacher's guidance, students will gain a better understanding of their own identities, what makes them different from their classmates, and why that is perfectly normal.

Educators, this lesson plan aligns with the Common Core Standards used in 42 states and incorporates Ohio's Social Emotional Standards. The package includes worksheets and extension activities with detailed procedures. We extend our gratitude to Britni L. Tudor of Fairfield City Schools for her invaluable assistance in developing this resource.

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Meet the Author

Dionte' Johnson is a proud and dedicated husband and father of four who juggles multiple roles as an entrepreneur.